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Visiting Scholars Programme

We welcome visiting scholars who wish to undertake research at the Vinson Centre and learn from and contribute to the academic community in the Department of Economics and International Relations at the University of Buckingham. We have a superb history of economic thought library (the Hayek Library) which visiting scholars can use for the duration of their stay. We cannot provide help with accommodation costs but make no charge for visiting scholars. Researchers are welcome for shorter or longer periods of time. You may wish to consider a period as a visiting scholar if you are working on a book or other publication or if you need somewhere to work during your PhD or post-doctoral studies. If you are coming for a short period of time or a few days a week for a number of weeks, you can get very cheap hotel accommodation about 15 minutes’ walk from the beautiful University campus. Please contact the Director of the Vinson Centre, Juan Castaneda if you would like to become a visiting scholar.