for the public understanding of economics and entrepreneurship

The Vinson centre is a space for research and knowledge exchange at the University of Buckingham where individuals and teams come together to pursue exciting projects in novel ways.

Who we are

We are the home of visionary approaches to teaching and scholarship at all levels, breaking free from the confines of the traditional ways of working in the academy.

We work with students and scholars of economics of all ages on events and outreach to promote a wider understanding of how markets and entrepreneurship promote welfare. We do this through events, programmes, publications and multi-media. We welcome collaboration with schools, colleges, universities, think tanks and individuals.

We challenge received wisdom and rethink economics and entrepreneurship as a single subject furthering our understanding and pursuit of trade and enterprise in a free society.

The Vinson Centre

The initiative and its programmes were made possible as a result of the kind support of Lord Vinson of Roddam Dene. On launching the centre, Lord Vinson commented: “Overwhelmingly the facts pointed to Buckingham as the place to choose if you want to advance entrepreneurialism – manifested, not least, by being the first university to offer two-year courses and its uniquely sound thinking on liberal economics. Both Buckingham and I have been closely associated with the IEA, and I and my Trustees wanted to cement the relationship. As an entrepreneur I have been exceptionally fortunate in life. I also wanted to foster the qualities that create new businesses, because they are the foundation of the prosperity of any nation.”

The Director of the Centre is Juan Castañeda, Senior Lecturer of Economics at the University of Buckingham.


Apocalypse Next: The Economics of Global Catastrophic Risks

Speaker: Dr Stephen Davies
Speaker’s Affiliation: Institute of Economic Affairs
Date: Wednesday 22nd May, 2024
Time: 16:00
Venue: Enterprise Hub, Vinson Building (1st floor), University of Buckingham.

Part of the Vinson Centre Seminar Series in the Classical Political Economy Tradition Spring term 2024

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22 May 2024

Why did the Bank of England fail to forecast Inflation during the Pandemic? On bank of England Accountability.

Speaker: Professor Tim Congdon
Speaker’s Affiliation: CBE, Founder and Chair of the Institute of international Monetary Research
Date: Wednesday 12th June, 2024
Time: 17:00
Venue: Institute of Economic Affairs, 2 Lord North Street, London, SW1P 3LB

Part of the Vinson Centre Seminar Series in the Classical Political Economy Tradition Spring term 2024

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12 June 2024

2024 Vinson Centre Conference in the Classical Liberal Tradition

In collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society (King’s College London)

‘Hayek’s relevance to understand the world today on the 50th anniversary of his Nobel Prize’

Date: 17th July 2024

Vinson Building, University of Buckingham. Buckingham.

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17 July 2024

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