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2024 Vinson Centre Conference in the Classical Liberal Tradition

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Date(s) - 17 July 2024
10:00 am - 6:00 pm



Further the constitution of liberty through free trade and enterprise (Lord Vinson)

‘2024 Vinson Centre Conference in the Classical Liberal Tradition’

In collaboration with the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society (King’s College London)

Hayek’s relevance to understand the world today.
On the 50th anniversary of his Nobel Prize

17th July 2024

Vinson Building, University of Buckingham. Buckingham


Order of the day

9.45 am – Coffee and welcome.

10.00 am – Welcome by Professor James Tooley (Vice-Chancellor, University of Buckingham), Dr Juan Castañeda, Director of the Vinson Centre (University of Buckingham) and Professor Mark Pennington, Director of the Centre for the Study of Governance and Society (King’s College London).


10.15 am Opening lecture on Hayek’s life and main contributions to economics and political philosophy. By Jeremy Shearmur (Australian National University).

10.45 am – Discussion.

Session 1 – Paternalism and the regulatory state

Chairperson: Len Shackleton (University of Buckingham).

11.15 am – Mark Pennington (King’s College London) – Hayek and Foucault on Government at a Distance.

11.45 am – Cento Veljanovski (Institute of Economic Affairs) – Hayek on regulation. On the size of the regulatory state.

12.15 am – Discussion.

12.45 pm – Break for lunch


Session 2 – Knowledge, information and patents

Chairperson:  Victoria Hewson (Department of Business and Trade)

1.30 pm – Pavel Kuchař (King’s College London): On the meaning of competition in Hayek as related to the emergence of market supporting institutional infrastructures and the discovery of relevant elements of knowledge commons.

2.00 pm – Martin Ricketts (University of Buckingham) and Terence Kealey (Cato Institute): On tacit knowledge and innovation policy.

2.30 pm – Discussion.

3.00 – 3.15 pm. Short break


Session 3 – Hayek beyond academia

Chairperson: Paola Romero (London School of Economics and Political Science)

3.15 pm – Gabriel Calzada (Hesperides University, President Mont Pelerin Society): On Hayek’s original MPS project and the different schools within the MPS.

3.45 pm – Pedro Schwartz (Former President of the Mont Pelerin Society and Universidad Camilo Jose Cela) and Kristian Niemietz (Editorial Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs): On the meaning of ‘The Road to Serfdom’ today.

4.15 pm – Discussion

4.45 pm – Coffee break  


Session 4 – Monetary disorder

Chairperson: Geoffrey Wood (University of Buckingham)

5.00 pm – Kevin Dowd (Durham University): On Hayek’s ‘Denationalisation of money’ and currency competition.

5.30 pm – Discussion

6.00 pm – Drinks reception. End of formal proceedings of the conference by the Dean of Social Sciences and Humanities (Professor Julian Richards) and Crispin Hayek.