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Economic Affairs Applied Research Workshop 2024

‘Advancing a Classical Liberal Understanding of the Agenda for a Free Society’

This workshop will offer invited scholars a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful and constructive discussions of working papers to help prepare them for submission to Economic Affairs or other journals. Our aim is to contribute to improving the quality of every paper accepted to the workshop. While we are making an open call for proposals, the Economic Affairs Applied Research Workshop will be a select event open only to invited paper presenters and scholars. An academic committee will review submissions and select up to twenty paper presenters, whose work will comprise the core workshop agenda.

Location: The workshop will be being held at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in Madrid: Calle de Arturo Soria, 245, 28033 Madrid, Spain.

Date: December 13-14, 2024.

Deadline for submission of proposals (abstract): 31 July 2024.

Web page with more information:

For further information, contact Juan Castaneda at

About Economic Affairs

Economic Affairs is a peer reviewed journal published by the Vinson Centre at the University of Buckingham and the Institute of Economic Affairs, in collaboration with Universidad de las Hespérides and Universidad Francisco Marroquín, through academic publisher Wiley. It is edited by Professor Len Shackleton.

The journal is indexed by Scopus and is part of the Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI). It has published a wide range of authors from around the world, including a number of Nobel Prize laureates, while focusing on non-mathematical approaches to economic analysis.

For more than forty years, the journal has published original work and commentaries by hundreds of authors broadly sharing our approach to classical liberal political economy. Nowadays, in contrast with some of our other output, it has a particularly strong international focus. Three-quarters of our readership is based overseas, as is a large proportion of our authors. This was not the case when Economic Affairs was first launched by Arthur Seldon and the IEA back in 1980.

The journal is published three times per year, in February, May, and October. Here you can access the latest issues.

The journal publishes main articles (around 7,000 words in length), as well as short articles, of no more than 3,500 words, reporting on larger studies which may be published in full elsewhere. The journal also has a book review section.

Institute of Economic Affairs and Vinson Centre’s internships (in Buckingham)

Are you a University of Buckingham student ready to delve into the world of research and academic excellence? Look no further! The Vinson Centre (University of Buckingham), in collaboration with the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), present a 9-week Research-Based Internship tailored just for you. With only four students per intake, this internship requires a weekly commitment of 8 hours, divided into 4-hour sessions across 2 days.

Applicants are encouraged to submit a CV and Cover Letter explaining why they are the best candidate and how they would benefit from this internship. Your research topics may include, but are not limited to: money and inflation, central banks, monetary competition, government finances (spending and taxation), free trade and development, regulation, alternatives to state education. The programme will run in Buckingham’s term time: Autumn term (September – November), Winter term (January – March) and Spring term (April – May). You can find more information on term dates at Term Dates | University of Buckingham.

Duration: 9 weeks, 2 days per week

Location: Vinson Centre (University of Buckingham). Buckingham (Hunter Street campus, MK18 1EG).

Interns will receive a compensation for their time (£1,000).

Important Dates:

Application Deadline: 15.03.2024

Internship Duration: 03.04.2024 to 31.05.2024

Email for applications: Please contact Megi Cara in case of any queries on the programme (

Conferences for 6th Form students

We have just held several conferences for 6th Form students in Harrogate, Edinburgh and Newcastle with the Institute of Economic Affairs, where we have talked about productivity, economic growth, the current inflation episode in the UK and the measurement of growth, development and happiness in Economics. Please, contact us if you are interested in hosting a conference and partnering with us in the future. More info here.

Continent in Crisis: Governing the EU in an Age of Division

Speakers: Dr Dalibor Rohac (Senior Research Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC) and Sir Robert Cooper (Former Director-General for External and Politico-Military Affairs at the Council of the European Union).

Date: Tuesday 24 October 2023.

Time: 18:00

Venue: University Offices, Bloomsbury, 51 Gower St, London, WC1E 6HJ. (Nearest Underground stations: Goodge St, Warren St, Russell Square).

Registration: To register please click on

Hayek Library project commences

We are very pleased to announce the start of our ‘Hayek Library’ project to make it available online and for researchers and visitors. We have a superb history of economic thought library with an excellent collection on Classical Liberal Political Economy. Our thanks to our Library staff for their help with the project.

Hayek Essay Competition

Reflect on Hayek’s nobel lecture and discuss how relevant are Hayek’s ideas to explain the world today.

“The particular occasion of this lecture, combined with the chief practical problem which economists have to face today, have made the choice of its topic almost inevitable. On the one hand the still recent establishment of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science marks a significant step in the process by which, in the opinion of the general public, economics has been conceded some of the dignity and prestige of the physical sciences. On the other hand, the economists are at this moment called upon to say how to extricate the free world from the serious threat of accelerating inflation which, it must be admitted, has been brought about by policies which the majority of economists recommended and even urged governments to pursue. We have indeed at the moment little cause for pride: as a profession we have made a mess of things”. The Pretence of Knowledge (F. A. Hayek, Nobel Lecture, 1974)

Join us for pizza and refreshments at our launch event!

£1000 prize

Contact info@vinsoncentre.con for enquries on how to enter

Please note that the Hayek Essay Competition is only open to University of Buckingham students.


Vinson Centre Director contributes to the debate on inflation

Our director, Juan Castaneda, has been contributing to the debate on inflation and the Bank of England’s policies in recent weeks, advising for a change in their models to assess inflation. Here you’ll find two pieces written with Damian Pudner (Institute of International Monetary Research)